Walk the Talk

India, which provided refuge to the Dalai Lama, has multiple philosophies and paths to enlightenment from the Hindu Vedas, Muslim Koran, Sikh Granth, Jain scriptures, Buddhist scrolls, Christian and Jewish Bibles and many other words of wisdom from various religions, sects and a host of thought leaders.  There are many paths to enlightenment.  

So, why is it that amid so much enlightened thought and lore of wisdom, there is still so much darkness and despair? It is because most governments only pay lip service to the ideals on which their respective nations were founded.  There are some well-compensated commentators and political insiders who cynically state that “politics is the art of the possible”.  These commentators have artfully ensured that it is possible for their families and themselves to gorge from the political trough and imbibe from a steady revenue stream. 

Crooked political operators operate the levers of government to benefit themselves and utilize the government machinery to intimidate and / or harm any potential whistleblowers or their families.  With the advent of multiculturalism and quotas, some minority members have demonstrated that they can be as incompetent, if not surpass, the least competent majority employees.  With so many persons from differing origins working for the government, group think and ethnic dynamics have created a tribal system of competing ethnic, social and political interests.  It is possible to rise up the ranks, without any of the requisite qualifications, simply by belonging to one of these politically connected ethnic groups. 

Some of these government employees, minority and majority alike, are abusing their privileges by using government resources to monitor, hound and harass citizens and whistleblowers.  Some of these employees accept free or reduced fare vacations to island destinations as a bribe / reward for their dubious and devious achievements.  There is also a systematic campaign of blacklisting, defaming and trying to frame detractors.  Some of these networks are well entrenched and answer to special interests and / or corrupt politicians with their nefarious personal agendas.  It has recently become easier for crooked politicians to get away with their shenanigans by bringing up nebulous security risks as a pretext to continue to monitor and harass innocent citizens.  

The citizens are left with little recourse as the police and local politicians are either wary of taking on entrenched political special interests or are in the service of the crooked politicians and / or special interests.  

The scenario mentioned above is unfortunately too prevalent in many developing nations – surely it could not occur in the Western world in countries like the USA and Canada, could it?  As long as special interests and their paid minions continue to abuse their positions of influence and privilege, there will be no walking but only talking the talk.  Anywhere and everywhere, that is a road to nowhere.

3 Responses to “Walk the Talk”

  1. Desh Says:

    Great article!

  2. anand bharadwaj Says:

    I would like to mention that you have expressed the sentiments shared by a majority of silent citizens who are fed up with the status quo but who do not yet see a better alternative. The people deserve better representation but are sad who are sadly let down each time by self-serving leaders. Kudos to you and may I suggest that you should run for political office to remove the corruption and pollution in politics.

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